Luxury Den Essentials

Our Story

Luxury Den Essentials features modern luxury home fragrances and skin care products hand-made with all natural ingredients. Our meticulously crafted, luxe candles are blended for fragrance therapy. Luxury Den Essentials creates an oasis of peace and tranquility by envisioning your home as an exotic retreat. We believe that your “lair” is a reflection of your inner peace and energy. By using Luxury Den Essentials, you create a space of self-indulgence, self-reflection and self care in the comfort of your home.

Why Luxury Den?

Luxury Den Essentials products are made of locally sourced ingredients that are natural and eco-friendly. Our true-to-scent candles are ethically produced with cruelty-free practices and sustainable products. We use 100% premium quality soy wax, slow burning cotton wicks, and an amazing blend of hand-picked essential and fragrance oils in our candles to deliver a full sensory experience.

Our natural skin-care products are made of all natural ingredients that will keep your skin soft, glowing and deeply hydrated. We use a blend of raw and plant-based ingredients & all natural essential and fragrance oils that enhance your mood and benefit your daily self-care routine. Our skin care line is all hand-made and packaged with attention to detail and style.

About Our Founder

"As a mental health professional and mompreneur of 2 amazing children, my self-care rituals are not taken lightly. I envision my lair as a secret, secluded, and private space that allows me to self-reflect, recharge and mentally prepare for whatever life throws my way. An essential way to practice self-care is during a moment of stillness and solitude, when you turn off the noise and tune into yourself. Taking time to slow down and just breathe allows you to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. I invite you to pause, take a minute for yourself and indulge in the Luxury Den experience."